I like to write code.
But I don't work on one big project; instead, I work on a lot of little projects. These are the projects I'm willing to talk about. Some of them are live; some of them are open source; some of them will forever be a work in progress.


An MVC PHP framework for web applications.

php open-source development


A repository status snapshot generator in Go

go open-source development


My professional resume (or curriculum vitae).

php html5 open-source

Too Long For Twitter

A tool for writing posts that would otherwise be tweets but are too long. Provides an easy way to post to Twitter as well.

php website

George in Space!

My first XNA game that was any fun at all. Not as cool as Invaders.

xna c# game


A Go library for AWS services (particularly S3)

go open-source development


A Go library that makes it easy to parallelize processes or tasks

go open-source development

Facebook Circles

A proof-of-concept app demonstrating a better UI to manage Facebook lists

javascript facebook open-source

Inline LESS

A Chrome extension to render LESS-enhanced CSS in <style> tags.

javascript chrome-extension open-source development


A tool to make web requests from a web interface

go open-source development


A jQuery plugin that utilizes the clippy SWF to enable easy copy-and-paste on web content

javascript development open-source


An open-source PHP framework for making gated Facebook fan pages.

php facebook open-source

Sleep Timer

A little Windows application that performs a variety of operations after a set timer has elapsed.

c# utility windows open-source


A Go library to access the Facebook Graph API

go open-source development


An application I wrote to test myself on German vocabulary words, and since has been requested by many family members.

c# utility windows education open-source


A batch tool to compile a bunch of LESS files and organize the results

go development open-source

The WordPress theme that runs the very blog you're looking at

php javascript wordpress open-source

Real Time Notes

An online tool that lets users create timed logs or diaries for export later.

php website


An XNA game which was my last homework assignment for my game development class my senior year in college.

xna c# game open-source


A PHP class to process command line flags

php open-source development


A Go library to set and retrieve relevant config options in a project

go open-source development

Big Prize Giveaways Prizes Tab

A handy miniature prizes tab (in the form of a Chrome extension) that shows currently-running Big Prize Giveaways sweepstakes.

javascript chrome-extension work